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A new round of international efforts to create a compromise between Moscow and Kiev on the crisis in eastern Ukraine has begun.
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International Defapress group-MJ mehdizadeh; in the East of Ukraine with the fire passed over the three years since the beginning of the war in this region, continues to flare up. This conflict between the army and the police forces of the State of Ukraine and Russian militia descent based in neighboring eastern areas with Russia since the fall of the former Government of 2014 and the country and then the separation of Crimea from Ukraine's territory and its annexation to Russia, has begun.

The eastern Ukrainian crisis and the efforts of international parties to compromise between Kiev and Moscow

According to restart the conflict, Emmanuel Macron the President of France and German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a joint statement, the peace, the more calls faster among the parties involved in the East of Ukraine.

The interesting thing in this statement, a judgment two senior French and German. Merkel and Macron by ignoring the role of the army in civilian areas to attack on Ukraine in the cities of Donetsk, donbas and lohansk and other Russian regions, including Eastern Ukraine, the Soviet militia descent and the Moscow-backed breakaway is asked to end the conflict.

The reason for this type of reaction by the character can be found in the next two reviews:

. The first dimension: the quest for a permanent presence of Ukraine in the European Union. Since the current state of the country, and the European Union is United, the European Union, in addition to political support, conditions for Ukrainian nationals has provided up to having no visa, in EU Member States the traffic. The presence of a subset of countries in the former Soviet Union in the European Union, always one of the main points of dispute between Moscow and Brussels. Russia is by no means a desire that at independence countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, this time with former and current Kremlin rivals over a table sit and a single decision, which is generally the difference or conflict with Moscow has interests,.

The second dimension: pressure on Russia and its regional allies in Eastern Europe. The Russian Government's most important rivals the United States and the European Union in Asia and Eastern Europe, and is the best approach to deal with this formidable competitor, involving the country in Western and southwestern boundaries it is; the countries where, under the influence of the United States and the European Union.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO turned to the closest military ally on the independence of the new States or former Soviet influence from outside the circle. Examples of this issue can be found in Poland observed that since the end of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, to become one of the most important NATO missile bases in the Northwest adjacent to the borders of Russia.

It is natural that after the outbreak of the Russian war in the Caucasus (Georgia's battle with the army in South Ossetia in the summer of 2008), is much more sensitive than the Northern Caucasus regions prior to the position, and Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, the most important former Soviet Republic after the Russian Federation and one of the largest European countries, pay attention.

For this reason, as soon as fall unites State of Russia in Kiev, the first Russian army forces for the protection of the Russian people, the Crimean peninsula "descent" to enter cities, such as Sevastopol In the next step as well as the Russian people of this region by holding a referendum, which the new Government of Ukraine was declared illegal, voted for separation from Ukraine to Russia and back again.

Simultaneously with the conflict in the East of Ukraine, two sides bombarded each other's media also are busy. While the Russian army of the Ukraine with a lean to the Crimean affair, as the main factor in the crisis in Ukraine is introduced, the Russians are also focusing on the support of the people of Ukraine of Hitler and the German armed forces in World War II and then their relationship with the West, Ukrainian fascist, Nazi and the American mercenary addressed.

Hard decisions with regard to the position of the two sides towards the conflict in the East of Ukraine, any kind of peace action in this area, which is the guarantor of maintaining the unity of the Ukrainian land and citizenship rights of people descended on the Russian Eastern regions of the country, very far out of reach appears to be waiting for Peace and stability in this area in the short term.

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