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Defapress reported,
Al-Nusra Front, the official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, is now the most important target of the Syrian and Russian armies and the Islamic Resistance Forces after the end of ISIL's work in this country.
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Publish Date: 28December 2017 - 12:17

Emphasizing the important military commanders of the world on the importance of struggletion the Al-Nusra FrontInternational defence Press reporter, General Gramisof  Chief of staff of the Russian armed forces in his latest statements, referring to the risky activities of the alnasrh front and its role in violation of the agreement reducing tension enveloped areas in northern Syria, to explicitly asserted By the end of the year: "year 2018 is alnasrh front!». The recent talk of the Russian armed forces Chief of staff should be the new strategy Moscow, after the final was on daesh in Syria, the.

Gramisof while speaking of the end of the alnasrh front in the year 2018 and determine an operational strategy was against this in Outlook with the timeframe has less than a year that many political activists and media in different parts of the world, consider that the end of the work i.e. the end of terrorism in the full daesh Syria. General Gramisof with his new statements on the invalidity line, thinking it's some.

Determine future operational strategy in Syria by the country's armed forces Chief of staff, represents a continuation of the Russian military activity in the territory of the country. Although a number of Russian military forces and facilities in the region of the country in the province of Latakia in northwestern Syria were returned to the Russian Federation, but with recent talk of Gramisof, should expect a new wave of Russian military operations against the terrorists in their seating alnasrh North West of Syria.

At the same time the expression of this, multiple important developments in the field in Syria has occurred:

The first important Arabic Syrian army forces began operation, and the Islamic resistance, with the support of the Russian army, air force and alnasrh front against its occupied areas in the province adelb. The operation of the northern axis of hamah Province began the Islamic Resistance Army forces, the progress in the areas occupied by the alnasrh front and its allied groups in the South of the province have adelb.

The second significant happening, the command of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation on the development of the country's Navy base in the Syrian Port of trtous in the Northwest and the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Despite Russian officials announced that the reduction of forces and facilities, the expansion of the capacity of the database hamim marine trtous site, has an important message for the United States and its allies.

The goal of the Soviets of the Russian military action, show the presence of Syria in any conditions and situations. In addition, American and Israeli officials to the Kremlin's relations with the unified message to Bashar Al-Assad continues his strength will remain.

The third message to the U.S. and the West, the Russians show more fight after the end of the work daesh. While some international sides tried with a focus on people's minds, the world spent daesh risk alnasrh as a front for Al-Qaida branch in Syria, unaware of the recent talk of Gen Gramisof led the international media attention is again focused on the alnasrh front.

The fourth message that commenting for the world, the minds of the public to notice was the fact that "the name change and the apparent separation of the front declared alnasrh cannot and should not cause the breakdown of international terrorism.

Many of the streams and the media in the world of Islam, people thought that the change of name to "front alnasrh front alsham conquest», cause a change in the structure and thinking this is a terrorist and that some leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood of the action «abomahmd Commander was this appreciation and accolades.

In contrast, the character-driven and Government leaders of the Islamic resistance close to the axis, such as the Russian Federation, asserted that it was still the same old alnasrh front and a change of name, change of views about it.

The recent statements of the Russian armed forces Chief of staff indicated that Kremlin officials until the end of the work the front alnasrh, decided to reduce its military operations was not in Syria and attacks the country's air force to complete the destruction of the front alnasrh in the province of Syria adelb and elsewhere will continue.

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