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Zahra Kamali, in a dialogue with the Defapress:
Martyr Defender shrine’s wife, Abdul Salah Zare, said: "2 years of life with the martyr Zare was the most excellent of my days. I tired some good moments from marriage to martyrdom.
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Epic and Jihad group of DefaPress: The time for interviewing the wife of the martyr defender of the Shrine of Abdul Salah Zareh was to hurl my gullet and every word changed my mind. The words spoken by the martyr's wife flicker a real and eternal love that is rarely found in these reddened days of society. Throughout the interview, my key sentences were frequently reviewed in my mind. "2 years of life", "homesickness", "my little son", "endurance of Hazrat Zeinab".

How hard it is; just pace into married life and seek to meet your ambitions with your partner, but he will leave you and go.

Martyr Zare's wife Zahra Kamali said about the character behavior of the martyr, "The moment of his going away was a special peace. eccentric and loving tranquil which always seems to me in that instant I took the Quran on top of her head and made her sweaty with Salavat.

Saleh enjoys the service of the martyrs' families

The lifetime with

My martyr's wife was a very naive, passing, amusing, irresistible, and portion others. When he came home from work, exhaustion left the work back and went into a kind of kind smiling face. By toward the inside them, the quiet space of the house was totally broken. All family members liked him. For my mother I was like a boy, not a groom. He always liked to serve others and capture him as much as he could. He said: "God's pleasure is in serving His people." predominantly helped her grandparents and they appreciated him even more than their own children. I remember sometimes going home to them, if they did something. Their house had a small garden, in the courtyard of which there were a lot of fruit trees. They could not plant fruits, and Saleh was the only one who was doing all the garden work ... he did not escape heavy work and used all his power to serve honest and unpardonable service.

Saleh delights in serving the martyrs and their families. He used to go to the Focke Operational Zone in move on of Muharram. This drift continued after the marriage and did not leave until his martyrdom. With his friends, they went to the region to cater for the visitors of the martyrs, including tasting, water provide, food, cultural events, and more. He would have had to go to Fake in those days. She was very fond of Ashura in the Fake area.

Life with the martyr was the best of my life

During the 2 years that I lived with him, unfortunately I did not thrive in getting along with him to Feca, and I would have to go with that caravan in the absence of this journey. This lifetime with dear martyrs was the best of my life. I erudite a lot from him and spent some good moments from marriage to martyrdom. I wish I could do again the same days with the martyr...

The lifetime with

Saleh worked more than his working hours. For extra hours, the assignment sheet did not fill out voluntarily those hours and did not accept any rewards.

My first trip with her was a holy trip to Mashhad. The dear martyr was not much of a vacationer, saying, "If a teacher leaves his students and travels, he will have bad consequences for the students' future."
My first trip with her was a holy journey to Mashhad. The dear martyr was not much of a traveler, saying, "If a teacher leaves his students and travels, he will have bad penalty for the students' future."

Of course, I have to say that they were from free time and travel, and all through this short epoch of our lives we did not deny no matter which for living and leisure.

Karbala; ended in Syria

Arbaeen was hypothetical to go to Karbala. On Wednesday, November 26, 1994, "synchronization was conducted with my friends and I will go to Karbala two days later." I also liked to escort them with this pilgrimage, but unluckily for my child I was not talented to do this. On the other hand, I could not say to the martyr that he would not go to Karbala. I said to him: "Saleh, I do not mind to go to Karbala only. I would like to appointment Imam Hussein (AS) together. But if I can stop you from going, I feel I cannot take responsibility for it on the Day of Resurrection and be receptive ... "

The lifetime with

We said between our conversations: "Truly, this morning I dreamed that I drank and ate a tasty, delicious pear from a tree. I still have an outstanding taste under my idiom ... "I also said in response:" What's more, it's absolutely for Karblbyt's journey ...”

The afternoon of Thursday, November 27, 94, came home with eagerness and said: "My work was finally finished." I wondered with shock that while on your journey to Karbala, it was a problem that you are now saying that it was working out!

He said, with a bit of a pause, "Karbala, who is a scruples, but maybe I will go anywhere else from there," where I wondered where? And he said to Syria ...

I had a moment and I did not wait for to hear it. I put "Mohammad Hussein" on my shoulders and said why Syria? That kept silent...

It has long been that he had consulted for sending to Syria, but I did not know at all. I just found that Karbala and the look of sleep had been an introduction to going to Syria. Exactly on Friday, November 28, 1994, when he was going to Karbala, he was deployed to Syria.

Everything was done all at once. I had no other decision-making power. He started talking to me and attemping to calm me down. She was telling me about the condition in Syria and it was her rational and persuasive statement that did not leave whatever thing to me.

My heart was chaos going away / Hazrat Zainab (SA) restrained the shrine

Naturally, for anyone who is in my place, he faces shocking and disturbing moments and cannot make a good decision. I had just started a common life, and with a child, I had many hopes along with the martyr, but with all this, when I keep in mind the "competent" words and the scenes of martyrs' martyrs of the shrine who were transmit from the national media, In my estimation, I was no longer able to oppose, and I was content to go to him. My heart was chaos, but thinking about the shrine of Zenib (SA) calmed down.
My martyr's wife said: "If I do not leave, the rest will not go, who will take this time from the ground? How can we be comfortable and comfortable, while their people live hard at the heart of the war? If Muslims are not heard, Muslims should be crying ...”

The moment of his departure was a relaxed one. A strange and loving calm that is always in my eye for that moment I took the Quran on top of her head and made her perspiring with Salavat. After his martyrdom, I now said to Zaynab (SA): "I have given you the best for you, welcome me"

From the next day, my dispatch, anxieties and concerns began. During that time in Syria, I could not call him and I had to wait for her to call herself. For the first time, the caller told me: "Because the phones are controlled, I have to be restricted to talking." So, our conversations ended in a difficulty. I would say to him in every contact that was time-honored: "Saele, I miss you ... when do you come?"

It was hypothetical to return to 45 days, but unfortunately these days went up and no news came of it. While his companions were back, in the last call, I said, "Why did not you come up with me? All your friends are back, "said," My duties are high. I must deliver the work and then come. “In every call he said: "You have to wait. Wait for Zainab (SA). “I miss him so much now. I wish to see him once more ... I really did not have the impression of his martyrdom. I felt like going to an ordinary mission and returning.

I ask God to help me live so that he will be happy with me. Like when we lived together ... Saleh was proud of me, I want to be proud of him, In this way I will do my best.

Martyrs of the Shrine of Abdul Saleh Zareh were martyred in Syria on February 18, 2015. His body was covered in the golzar of the martyrs of Imam Zadeh, Ali bin Ja'far, after his transfer to the Islamic homeland first in Mazandaran province, then in Qom and after giving prayers to the Imamate of Ayatollah Noahi-i-Mastani, the source of the imams of Shi'ites. He is the third martyr defender of the shrine of Babolsar city and the 14th martyr of the shrine of Mazandaran province.


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