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Defapress reports;
Lebanon's Hezbollah, led by Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, is one of the major barriers to Israel's domineering policies, in which the father of Israel (US) and his allies classified Hezbollah as a terrorist group.
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Publish Date: 25February 2018 - 12:42

Zionist fears of augmenting Hezbollah's military capabilityAccording to the international group Defapress, the early on 1980s, the Shiite Islamist-political organization Hezbollah in Lebanon was made inspired by the ideology of Imam Khomeini's political Islam. Lebanon's Hezbollah has summarized its objectives in three major regions: the establishment of an Islamic government, the elimination of Western imperialism in Lebanon, and the penalty of the Lebanese Falunj Giants, which, for this idea, used its determination to mobilize force.

The Hezbollah Islamic resistance division is also the Hezbollah military wing. The success of Hezbollah in therapeutic South Lebanon in 2000, and the influx of Hezbollah representatives to the Lebanese parliament, reflects the power of the gathering both in the military and in the political globe.

Hezbollah has now better its military capability, and under the leadership of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah is one of the major barriers to Israeli hegemonic policies, such that the father of Israel (US) and his associates classified Hezbollah in the list of terrorist groups. Have. Hezbollah's military capability has been so advanced in guerrilla fighting that so far its example has not been seen in the world. Hezbollah has become an extremely effectual military force in the world. Most of the taught forces are volunteers, and Hezbollah's full-time forces are not many.

Lebanese Hezbollah warriors have been enthused by Israeli military tactics throughout the practically 18 years of the war with Israel, which is why they are tremendously powerful in the unmanageable war with the Israeli armed guerrillas.

Lebanon's Hezbollah's unadventurous wars have reached such a level of capability that “David Hiysoni”, managerial director of the Israel Innovation Trust and editor-in-chief of the American-Israeli magazine, wrote in an piece in the same newspaper: "Hezbollah is almost certainly one of the largest, most complicated (most skilled) Is the richest and most military organization in the world.

Over the past 10 years, the Hezbollah weapon store has grown considerably; in Lebanon's 2006 war, Hezbollah had fewer than 15,000 missiles in its armory, and throughout the 34 days it fired about 4,000 missiles, with an average of 100 rockets in it was predictable that Hizbullah is predictable to have 120 to 150 thousand missiles today. "The declaration comes from a Zionist American (born in the United States and working in Israel), representing a very high level of Hezbollah battle.

With a region of 27,000 kilometers in Israel, Hezbollah missiles can simply aim the utmost goals on Occupied Palestinian Territory (Israel). Zalzal missile 2, Hezbollah 250 kilometers, Khyber 1, 2, and 3 missiles, 70, 120 and 250 kilometers, and smooth Kathiyushas 30 kilometers, respectively. Drone military exercises have also been added to Hezbollah's military equipment.

Hizbullah's extraordinary development in military and technology dealings is owing to Hassan al-Qais, accountable for improvement Hezbollah's weapons and technology arrangement. He was one of Hezbollah's elites in raising the level of Hezbollah's military information, which was martyred by Israel in 2015. Hassan al-Qais was mostly concerned in the building of Hizballah's highly exact missile and rocket launches. He sought to further expand long-range message systems, as well as events to develop (UAVs) for use in intelligence meeting or operations. It was an unpleasant.

Hezbollah's missile power has become one of the major concerns of Israel, as the Zionist newspaper hartez wrote: "Hizbullah missiles are much stronger than Hamas, and the power to obliterate them is much more intense. They are capable to hit anywhere in Israel that they want to ", as well as previous Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Baram, who said Hezbollah's threat should not be underestimated. Israel seeks to increase its military capability to confront Hezbollah in Lebanon Is On September 15; Israel launched a military exercise to test the rapid response of its troops in count to its military battle readiness.

Israeli specialist Munir javdanfar called the missile's Hezbollah missile and Iran's attendance in Syria as the major reason of the work out, and recognized that "at the previous fight of Hezbollah, Lebanon and Israel (the Gaza Strip), hundreds of missiles were fired by Hezbollah daily in Israel, Israeli safety agencies have now predictable that 100,000 to 120,000 missiles will be fired by Hezbollah in the next war on Israel. An Israeli official has said Israel must conquer its anti-aircraft and anti-ship anti-aircraft weapons in order to obliterate Hezbollah; it must also get rid of traps and swamps, and in the end anti-tank missiles and many other challenges.

Gradually the failure of Israel in Gaza by Lebanon's Hezbollah endorses the Hezbollah's regional rank and persuaded the Palestinian and Lebanese people that they could beat a Zionist power that has the unqualified support of the United States and its allies. Lebanon's Hezbollah military capability has now become a major Nightmare for senior Israeli military and political officials, with Israel and its associates focusing on political-military dimensions of Hezbollah's face.

The European Union's decision on terrorism the reading of the Hezbollah military wing is one of the weapons used by Israel and its associates, in reply to which Sayed Hassan Nasrallah saw the choice as a consequence of the force from the United States and Israel to meet their interests. Hezbollah's military power is now careful a serious threat to Israel, and it is a threat to Israel's reality when Israel invades Lebanon, Syria or one of its associates, Hezbollah Kaboos.

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