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The Saudis' dread of Iran's influence in the area affairs has led to a diversity of ways to restrict this country; this horror went so far as Saudi ex-king Abdullah bin al-Aziz al-Saud requested the United States to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.
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New Riyadh scenario against to TehranAccording to international Defapress reporter: The relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia were preceded by the Islamic Revolution under the auspices of the United States, and despite the political differences, they were obliged to perform their duties in front of each other, but after the Islamic Revolution and changing Iran's stance on the slogan "No Orient-noWestern", these deep difference And has led to Saudi over-fears over Iranian influence in the region.

Deepening difference of two countries

After the Islamic Revolution and changing Iran's policies on the basis of religious politics, it has led to a confrontation between the two countries, Iran has rejected a variety of isms, "liberasim, capitalism, etc." has challenged these issues globally, with the greatest controversy Saudi Arabia is with Iran to export the Islamic Revolution to the world, which has made Saudi Arabia afraid of Iran's influence throughout the area.

In the differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the distinction among spiritual denominations was clearly seen when Saudi Arabia declared the Wahhabism religion as the official religion of its country, opening up the grounds of the Islamic Republic's face to the globe and leading to overtaking Formerly Israel was called to fight for terror in the region, which eventually opened the way for the United States to intervene in the area.

Another worry in Saudi Arabia was the prototype of the conquer of a kingdom by Iran, religion in Saudi Arabia is inextricably linked with the state, as the Saudi Arabia establishment states openly: "The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic and independent Islamic state whose religion is Islam, The foundation is the Book of God and the Prophet's Sun (PBUH), its Arabic language and its capital Riyadh.”It seems that the kingdom of the Al Saud family in this law is the result of God's will and determination! Therefore, religion in this country is used to legitimize the system. For this cause, the outbreak of the Islamic Revolution of Iran has strengthened the flood of separations between the two countries. From other differences among the two countries, the Saudis imagined the leadership of the Islamic world from the Iranian Shiites, which resulted in the opportunity of awakening the oppressed Shiites of Saudi Arabia, which was connected to the anti-Western nature of the Iranian Revolution, which was contrary to the nature of the West Bank of Saudi Arabia. A time lapse took off since diplomatic relations among the two countries were cut off in 1988.

After the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the advent of the Shiites in Iraq and the progress made by Iran in nuclear technology, Saudi Arabia faced a weak position, which led to further disagreements with Iran.
Three years after the US attacked of Iraq, in 2006; a war broke out among Hezbollah and Israel with the support of Iran and Syria from Hezbollah in errand of Hezbollah and changed the Lebanese political equations in the direction of Hezbollah. Contrary to Saudi Arabia the geopolitical situation of Syria allowed Iran to have right of entry to Lebanese Shiite communities, but to support Hezbollah as its major non-governmental supporter in the Middle East. Throughout the Arab Spring, the Saudis fought for Bahrain, so that the Shi'a majority could not change the political structure of the country for its own sake. In Syria, Saudi Arabia and its allies also sought to conquer the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which was an ally of Iran, but failed with Iran's efforts your aim is to achieve.

Saudi Arabia is deeply afraid that Iran-US differences will be resolved in the nuclear industry, and that the country will lose its strategic position with the United States. With the launch of the Yemen War, it shows that there are countless fears with Iran and AnsaroAllah because Saudi Arabia sees Yemen as its backyard and does not want to have any connection with Iran.

In the same vein, one of the topics of the Crown Prince's journey to Egypt is the role of the Islamic Republic in the Yemeni war. Egypt is a companion of Saudi Arabia and it helps the country to attack the defenseless people of Yemen, both of which are afraid of Iran's influence in the region, but IRAN, which called for peace and alliance in the region far from the influence of the East from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution And the West has been so terrified in the hearts of Saudi politicians that they have forced them to apply for a US military strike against Iran.

According to the British Guardian, in part of the document, the king of Saudi Arabia has frequently asked the United States to attack Iran to stop the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic. The WikiLeaks revealed in the documents disclosed that Abdullah Bin Aziz, the ex- king of Saudi Arabia, has frequently recommendation the United States to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, and accentuated that Saudi Arabia is working with Americans to stop Iranian pressure and this issue for Saudi Arabia Is a tactical precedence. The existing policy of Mohammed bin Salman is in line with Saudi Arabia's previous policies and with Western-friendly tact and two-way Iranian targeting. The new Crown Prince of Saudi is at the top of his program in the circumstance of so-called progressive reforms, which, on the other hand, can help the new allies (Israel) and the old (America, Egypt, the Emirates and Jordan) from the proceeds of investment in his country. On the one hand, they are enthusiastic to bring these allies to their political agenda in the area, which will curb Iran and prevent its influence in the area.

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