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In the present situation that many Arab governments are normalizing their ties with Israel, Hamas should strengthen relations with Iran and Hezbollah to counter what is called 'the Deal of the Century', wrote Al-Quds Al-Arabi on Sunday.
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Hamas must strengthen ties with Tehran: PaperTehran (Defapress)-'Hamas has no ways, but to strengthen ties with Iran and restore coalition with Hezbollah. They should admit that ending ties with Iran and Hezbollah was a mistake and try to correct it,' wrote the London-based newspaper.

It is essential that Hamas settle the differences with Iran and Hezbollah especially on Syria. Hamas has been in control of Gaza Strip for years. It has expanded ties with Egypt and has been able to reopen Rafah border point for the Holy Month of Ramadan, it said.

If they want to counter 'the Deal of the Century', prevent the determination of the situation in Gaza Strip, and provide basic needs of the people of Gaza, Hamas needs to open the doors to all parties that have accepted the move, it stressed.

The article added that Sunni countries of the region do not support Hamas; even some have become Israel's allies. So they need to settle their differences with Iran and Hezbollah.

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