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The European Union, with the overwhelming majority of votes:
The European Union, with the overwhelming majority of the votes to the draft contractual and infringement of human rights by the regime condemned Bahrain and demanded the immediate release of political prisoners.
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Publish Date: 16June 2018 - 16:49

Human rights violations in Bahrain is doomed and the political prisoners must be releasedAccording to defapress reporter, At today's meeting in Brussels of the representatives of the European Union in the human rights regime, said the actions of the anti-Al-Khalifa in Bahrain condemned and demanded to stop the project and contractual infringement and also the release of political prisoners in Bahrain.

At the end of this session of the Union representative 634 479 draft this contract positive ratings.

In this session several representatives regarding the situation in Bahrain to lecture the most engaged them as follows:
Vice President of the European Parliament, "Fabio Massimo kastadlo": should be in front of the arms sales to the Government of Bahrain stand.

«Julie ward of the representatives of the Union: the situation of human rights in regard to my being in Bahrain was wondering.

«Marie vigret» of the Union representatives: in Bahrain taken arbitrary arrest and detention, people tried in military courts and a daily regime of Bahrain attempted to arrest, unfair trial and issue a verdict.

Some other representatives of the European Union:
Infringement and legal abuses in Bahrain is very active, so our rights generally, 13 have been arrested, sentenced to a project for the tjavrat in Bahrain.

There had been talk in Bahrain and no talks to Bahrain does not recognize and we also have the possibility to communicate with them in this regard because they do not have no talks with any other hand, are not.

Bahrain, Shiites are the majority population to target, we're calling for their support.

The regime has for years tried on Bahrain accompaniment to your face at the international level; but the reality is that while on the contrary, this issue.

Bahrain arrested the people because they can express that this is quite unacceptable.

Bahrain violated human standards, us calls for more extensive human rights in Bahrain.

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