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TEHRAN (defapress) – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani expressed his gratitude to the people of the country over their massive rallies in support of a recent decision by the council to halt some of the country’s commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal.
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Publish Date: 11May 2019 - 11:15

Iran’s Shamkhani Thanks People for Backing SNSC Decision on JCPOAIn a message released on Friday night, Shamkhani hailed the high turnout in the rallies held after Friday prayers across the country to back the SNSC’s decision to stop fulfilling certain commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“The main unparalleled asset of the Islamic Republic of Iran to overcome threats and difficult crises has always been the popular support and strong relationship between the people and their servants at various levels of government,” he said.

“Undoubtedly, the meaningful and wise presence of our fasting people in the massive marches in support of the decisions of the SNSC against the excessive demands and non-commitment of the US government and the European Union's passivity is the most important message that can be conveyed to the addressees of Iran's new measures to make wise decisions,” Shamkhani added.

After participating in the Friday prayers, thousands of people took to streets across the country to express their support for the SNSC’s decision, which the council said was aimed at “safeguarding the Iranian nation’s security and interests” in line with the country’s rights under articles 26 and 36 of the JCPOA.

The SNSC issued a statement on Wednesday, saying the country is no longer fulfilling some of its obligations under the JCPOA, and setting a two-month deadline for the remaining parties to fulfill their undertakings.

From Wednesday on, Iran stops some of its measures taken under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the statement said.

“At the current stage, we are not committed to complying with restrictions on the keeping enriched uranium reserves and heavy water supplies,” the SNSC stated.

The statement came a few days after the US administration renewed five of seven sanctions waivers that allow Russia and European nations to conduct civilian nuclear cooperation with Iran but revoked the other two as part of its pressure campaign against Tehran.

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