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TEHRAN (defapress) –The Saudi-led coalition has violated the Al-Hudaidah ceasefire about 2,000 times in the past month.
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Publish Date: 01August 2020 - 12:56

Saudi-led coalition violates Yemen ceasefire 2000 timesThe Saudi-led coalition continues to violate the Al-Hudaidah ceasefire in Yemen, Al-Masirah reported.

According to the report, the Saudi coalition has violated the al-Hudaidah ceasefire 1,934 times in the past month.

Meanwhile, Saudi fighter jets targeted different areas of al-Bayda and Imran provinces at the same time as bombing al-Hudaidah.

Since the signing of the Stockholm Agreement, which emphasizes the need for a ceasefire in al-Hudaidah, the Saudi aggression coalition has not had the slightest adherence to the agreement.

 The international community has so far taken no action against Saudi Arabia for repeated violations of the Stockholm Agreement.

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