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TEHRAN (defapress)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the West is no longer the sole player on the global scene and may not impose its will on Tehran.
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Publish Date: 18August 2020 - 22:26

Western Monopoly in Downward Spiral“Developments are global and the Westerners are not the only ones to address global issues,” Zarif said on Monday, and noted that the global players should understand the realities of the transitional world since the Western monopoly is ending.

“We are not prisoners of any situation as we make changes in history,” he added.

The top diplomat noted that Western monopoly on international relations is on decline due to the emergence of global challenges and opportunities.

In relevant remarks on Saturday, the Iranian foreign ministry underlined the US failure and isolation at the UN Security Council’s Friday meeting in which a Washington-proposed resolution to extend weapons embargo on Iran was rejected.

“The US isolation this time was unprecedented in the UN’s 75-year-long life,” former Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi wrote on his twitter page on Saturday.

He added that Washington could only succeed in making one little country give a yes vote to the draft resolution against Iran despite all pressures and visits made by the American officials to other states.

“Last night, Iran’s active diplomacy beside the legal strength of the nuclear deal defeated the US again at the UNSC,” Mousavi said.

"The international community, once again and with a clear voice, rejected the US reckless and futile attempt to undermine the UNSC credibility. The American regime should take a lesson from its total failures and stop shaming itself at UN, otherwise it will get isolated, even more than now," he underlined.

The UN Security Council rejected a US proposal to extend the conventional weapons embargo on Iran on Friday.

The US only drew support for the proposal from the Dominican Republic. Russia and China were opposed while Germany, France, the United Kingdom and eight others abstained.

Meanwhile, Iranian Ambassador to the UK Hamid Bayeedinejad said the UN Security Council rejection of the US unlawful bid to extend arms embargo on Iran displayed well that Washington is standing in global isolation.

"UN Seurity Council’s total rejection of the US draft resolution on extension of arms embargo against Iran demonstrates the level of isolation of the US administration," Bayeedinejad wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday.

"Maximum international pressure is mounting against US to change its policy over Iran’s nuclear deal," he added.

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