US Suspicious activities in Iraq

US Suspicious activities in IraqA series of recent political developments in Iraq have all indicated calm in the country. The recent meeting of Iraqi leaders is one of the examples which shows calmness in Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, and President Barham Salih held a meeting on Monday, stressing the followings:

-Release of detainees arrested during recent demonstrations

-Freedom of the media news activity and the free transfer of information to the Iraqi people

-The efforts of three branches of powers to fulfill the legitimate demands of the protesters

Despite efforts by the Iraqi government, as well as other agencies in the country, to meet the demands of the protesters, we see that the US-based media have put all their efforts into making the situation anomalous in this country and induce that the situation in Iraq is still unstable.

The main goal of the Americans is to overshadow the achievements of the Popular Mobilization Forces in the operation of “The Will of Victory” in addition to show off that the current situation in Iraq is not calm.

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