Lying, accusation US foreign policy's key elements

Lying, accusation US foreign policy's key elementsHe made the remarks on Thursday in reaction to the US official's claims on the seizure of Iranian vessel carrying weapons to Yemen.

"Lying, accusing, and spreading hatred are key elements of US foreign policy, especially in the current regime," Mousavi said.

He described the US allegations baseless, saying, "Americans who feel they have not succeeded in continuing Iran's arms embargo on the international arena and the UN Security Council, are trying to use accusations and lies as an excuse to continue to exert maximum pressure and advance their vicious goals."

Stating that the United States and Saudi Arabia have imposed a five-year siege on the Yemeni people, killing thousands due to starvation and malnutrition, Mousavi added, "Instead of being held accountable for their crimes in Yemen, the two regimes are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility and accountability for their inhumane and criminal behavior by accusing others of making baseless accusations."

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