Iron Dome shots down an Israeli drone

Iron Dome shots down an Israeli droneAir force soldiers responsible for operating the Iron Dome shot down an IDF drone during the recent fighting in Gaza because they mistakenly identified it as a hostile aircraft, causing great concern among IDF officials, Haaretz reported.

This unusual incident sent shockwaves through the Air Force, which operates the Iron Dome air defense system – and relies heavily on their ability to identify enemy forces in the skies over Israel and around it.

The intercepted drone was a 'Skylark', used by the IDF “Sky Rider” unit that carries out observation and intelligence gathering missions.

The IDF is investigating the incident and is worried about it because the entirety of the IDF’s combat plans prepared in recent years is based on multi-dimensional fighting with close coordination between land, air, and sea forces.

The shooting down of a drone raises doubts about whether the IDF is sufficiently prepared and possesses the necessary capabilities to conduct a long period of fighting without harming its own forces."