Resistance movement to inflict painful blows on Zionists
TEHRAN (Defapress) - Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Ziad al-Nakhala said that Palestinian Resistance Movement will inflict painful blows on the Zionist regime’s attacks launched against the occupied lands and territories.
Palestinian groups thank Iran's Leader for Quds Day message
TEHRAN (Defapress) - A number of Palestinian resistance groups have sent separate letters to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei thanking him for his stances on International Quds Day this year.
Three people wounded in a shooting spree in Chicago
TEHRAN (Defapress) - Three young people were injured in a shooting at a stopover in Chicago, the United States.
China slams US for blocking UNSC action on Palestine
TEHRAN (Defapress) - In a statement on Sunday, China FM called for the UN Security Council's action to seek the de-escalation of violence between Hamas and the Israeli regime, slamming the US for blocking UN efforts.
Syria says ready to give 'any assistance' to Palestine
TEHRAN (Defapress) - The Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad stressed on Sunday his country's readiness to help the Palestinian people with any assistance.
Islamic states' parliaments urged to support Palestinians
TEHRAN (Defapress) - Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf in a phone call with Lebanese counterpart Nabih Berri stressed that Parliaments of Islamic states and international bodies must back Palestinians against Zionist regime crimes.
Israeli crimes result of treason of Century Deal compromisers
Army chief cmdr.:
TEHRAN (Defapress) - Iran’s Army Chief Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said that continuation of brutalities and crimes of the Zionist regime is the result of betrayal of compromisers of ‘Deal of the Century’.
Venezuelan FM calls on UN to take action on Palestine
TEHRAN (Defapress) - Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has called on the United Nations to take action in support of the Palestinian people.
Palestine-Zionist conflic Direct Threat to Russia's security
TEHRAN (Defapress) - Russian President Vladimir Putin says the escalating Zionist-Palestinian conflict a direct threat to Russia's security.
Houthi calls on Saudis to bomb Israel regime instead of Yemen
TEHRAN (Defapress) - The head of the Houthi Supreme Revolutionary Committee stressed that Saudi Arabia should stop bombing and invading Yemen and do so against the Zionist regime, which is bombing Palestine.
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