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US military convoy targeted in Basra
tehran defapress - a convoy carrying us logistics equipment has...
News ID: 82974   Publish Date: 2021/02/03

Iraqi foreign minister due in Tehran
tehran defapress - iraq's foreign minister fuad hussein is scheduled...
News ID: 82973   Publish Date: 2021/02/03

Gen. Salami:
Enemy plots to overthrow Islamic Republic 'shattered'
tehran defapress - saying that the iranian nation has passed...
News ID: 82972   Publish Date: 2021/02/03

Gen. Hatami:
Iran-India relations enjoy of paramount importance
tehran defapress - iranian minister of defense brigadier general amir...
News ID: 82971   Publish Date: 2021/02/03

Sputnik V vaccine demonstrates 100% efficacy
tehran defapress - venezuelan president nicolas maduro says clinical tests...
News ID: 82970   Publish Date: 2021/02/03

Beijing criticizes US sanctions against Syrian nation
tehran defapress - chinese foreign minister criticized us sanctions against...
News ID: 82969   Publish Date: 2021/02/02

'Iran's establishment most independent system on planet'
tehran defapress - iran’s judiciary chief named the establishment of...
News ID: 82968   Publish Date: 2021/02/02

Iranian FM calls on citizens to avoid traveling Myanmar
tehran defapress - iranian foreign ministry spokesman urged all citizens...
News ID: 82967   Publish Date: 2021/02/02

Hezbollah downs, controls Israeli drone inside Lebanon
tehran defapress - lebanon’s islamic resistance has downed and controlled...
News ID: 82966   Publish Date: 2021/02/02

Iran launches satellite carrier with solid fuel engine
tehran defapress - iran has successfully launched the zol-jannah combined...
News ID: 82965   Publish Date: 2021/02/02

Foreign troops to stay in Afghanistan longer than expected
tehran defapress - international troops reportedly plan to stay in...
News ID: 82964   Publish Date: 2021/01/31

Syrians rise up against US militias in northern Deir ez-Zor
tehran defapress - residents of a town in northern deir...
News ID: 82963   Publish Date: 2021/01/31

Iran-Iraq relations to be further developed
tehran defapress - adviser to the leader of the islamic...
News ID: 82962   Publish Date: 2021/01/31

Iran ready to facilitate talks between Taliban, Afaghan gov.
tehran defapress - in his meeting with a taliban delegation,...
News ID: 82961   Publish Date: 2021/01/31

Gen. Salami:
Enemy's threats turned into chances for Revelution's progress
tehran defapress - irgc chief commander major general hossein salami...
News ID: 82960   Publish Date: 2021/01/31

Chinese bombers simulates attack on US Navy aircraft carrier
tehran defapress - following washington’s move to send a navy...
News ID: 82959   Publish Date: 2021/01/30

Tehran urges Macron to practice self-control
tehran defapress - the spokesperson of the iranian foreign ministry...
News ID: 82958   Publish Date: 2021/01/30

Zarif hoping for lasting peace in region after Karabakh war
tehran defapress - the iranian foreign minister expressed hope that...
News ID: 82957   Publish Date: 2021/01/30

B-52 bombers return to Indo-Pacific amid US-China tensions
tehran defapress - four us b-52 stratofortress bombers have returned...
News ID: 82956   Publish Date: 2021/01/30

Gen. Dadras:
Iran employs most advanced tech. at borders
tehran defapress - the deputy commander of the iranian army...
News ID: 82955   Publish Date: 2021/01/30